you don’t understand, it’s canon that stiles cares enough about derek to hesitate before going after scott - his best friend - in a situation where a few seconds could mean life or death. stiles only goes because derek tells him to. that’s canon.


Derek knew Stiles couldnt save both of them, and Derek chose one death - his own, over both, and Stiles trusted him to do that - that’s canon

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not all  m o n s t e r s, do  m o n s t r o u s  things.

                l i k e   w h o ?  l i k e   s c o t t .

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Three things cannot long be hidden.


He’s the best of them ♥

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You know why I love AUs? Because the whole point of them is that everything is changed, and yet these two people are still going to meet and fall in love- that they’re so set in stone and so meant to be that you can change literally everything in a hundred universes and they’ll fall in love over and over again. 

I don't know what to do with myself this week because Hoechlin is getting more attractive the longer he plays human Derek and Dylan was like pleasantly scruffy and then someone burned every razor within a fifty mile radius of his face (I assume) and my poor libido is crying softly in the corner while it splits in half



  • Here’s my imaginatively named and severely deficient spank bank material tag;
  • Here’s my dylan o’fuck me tag (although I kind of stopped updating this tag when the damn kid grew out his hair and stopped looking like a kid and I realized I’d soon be tagging every post with it);
  • Here’s my and then there’s this motherfucker tag (although I kind of stopped updating this tag when Hoechlin stopped shaving, for the same reason as above);
  • Also there are some stories about sexytimes here (ctrl+f porn; I am nothing if not straight to the point).

MEANWHILE while I’m a fan of bodily autonomy etc., I can’t help but selfishly hope that a certain SOMEONE will eventually reach that point of the male maturation process where he accepts the fact that the gift of Hoechlinian facial hair genes has not been bestowed upon all men.



Dedicated to bleep0bleep because she’s an absolute angel who always spreads good cheer by writing people little adorable wonderful ficlets and gosh, every time I read something she writes it makes my face do goofy things ♥

Just imagine Derek getting stuck in his wolf form and having none of his human inhibitions and stuff, but his wolf still remembers his crush on Stiles so he cuddles Stiles’ hoodie and gets stuck in it because the scent is so comforting, and all the other werewolves are like ehehehheehe and stiles is like ????

Yeah, I love drawing Wolf!Derek a lot. (look out for this coming out on a mug soon at my Society6 store!)

"So what is it…he just can’t shift back?" Stiles asks, as the wolf bounds out of Scott’s mom’s car, making a straight headline for— wow, that’s interesting. Stiles pets Derek’s fur awkwardly as Derek noses at Stiles’ knees, sniffing happily.

"Yeah," Scott says. "The witch got him stuck in this wolf form. It’ll be awhile, but Deaton said the spell will wear off."

Derek’s tongue lolls out of his mouth and he pants excitedly, and then jumps up and licks Stiles right on the face. “Um, did they do something else to him too? I kind of thought Derek as a wolf might just like, brood wolfily in a corner or something.” 

Scott sighs. “I think the spell was supposed to remove all your inhibitions and defenses, take all the fight out of you I guess. They were aiming it at me and Derek pushed me out of the way.” 

"Ah," Stiles says.

"Watch him for awhile, he’s really vulnerable right now," Scott says. "I need to go find the rest of the coven before they do anything worse."

Scott heads back to the car, and Stiles yells after it, “What am I supposed to do, play fetch?” 

Derek runs into the house, yipping gleefully. 

He’s everywhere, a black furry ball of motion, sniffing everything excitedly, running up the stairs and then back down, circling around Stiles’ legs until Stiles follows him to his bedroom. Derek leaps onto Stiles’ bed, rolling around, tongue hanging out.

"You look absolutely ridiculous," Stiles tells him, and Derek just pants, mouth hanging open in a wolfy grin. 

Stiles’ lacrosse hoodie is on the bed from where he chucked it off earlier, and Derek noses at it, making a delighted noise, and then rubs his face against it, his head pushing it. Stiles watches in amazement as Derek — there’s really no other word for it— cuddles his hoodie, rolling around with it, contentment written all over his furry face. Somehow Derek manages to get inside of it, head poking out of the hood and he just looks so pleased with himself. 

"This is just too cute, man," Stiles says, grabbing his phone to take a picture. He’s going to want all the evidence he can get of this ridiculousness.  

favorite character meme: three relationships 

Happy 23rd Birthday, Dylan O’Brien! (26.08.1991)

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Dylan doing the pouty thing

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#is anyone interested in parrish and agent mccall double-teaming stiles during office hours or I am I so very am. also sth w/prof. Argent and Hale, just sayin


(McCall/Stiles/Parrish can be found here!) I’LL NEED TO SPEND SOME TIME THINKING ABOUT PROFESSOR ARGENT AND PROFESSOR HALE, though, like, okay, yeah, maybe I’ve been entertaining some thoughts about McCall having a small get-together at his place, y’know, just a couple of beers, baseball game on, no big deal, except when Peter and Chris arrive Stiles Stilinski is lying on the couch in skintight jeans and a thin V-neck, legs crossed, lips wrapped around the mouth of a beer bottle, head tilted back against the armrest, Adam’s apple bobbing obscenely.

"Hey, guys," he says when he’s done drinking, and he rakes a hand through his hair, tone of voice casual, like it’s nothing, like it’s normal for a student to be hanging out on a tenured professor’s couch on Thursday evening. The tip of his tongue darts to the corner of his lips, and then he languidly pushes himself to his feet, jutting his hip out to the side as he says, "Want a beer?"

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